Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Victoria's Secret Liquid Glitter Liner Review and Swatches!

There are so many glitter liners out there that when applied, do not look glittery at all, but in fact flat and goopy and disappointing. Victoria's Secret Liquid Glitter Liner is NOT going to be one of those cosmetic items that you hate and then toss to the bottom of the makeup bag. This liner will become your new, go-to liner for any and every occasion. It applies smooth and every little bit is glittery and sparkley. The result is so beautiful. The applicator is fantastic, you can apply the thinnest line for subtle shimmer during the work/school day, or a thick bold line for a fun night out! It stays on strong! What's even cooler? You can apply one color on top of the other and it will look like your own custom made color, perfect for matching every color in your outfit that day! Versatile cosmetics are the best.:) You'll definitely be going back for every color once you try your first one. I bought two the first time, pictures of those swatches are below.:) I will definitely be going back for more!

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