Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Bassu Gold Oil by Surface Hair- Review!

Surface is proud to present its newest styling product--BASSU GOLD.  

-Nature's perfect OIL for medium to coarse hair.  
-Contains Argan & Babassu Oil which helps penetrate, restore, and intensify natural shine while providing Hydration & Protection.
-Helps to shine, soften and smooth hair.
-Free of Artificial Color.
^ Description of product:)
I had the opportunity to try out this product, and oh my goodness, am I EXCITED about it! So, let's be honest, when I read "OIL" I was very worried. My hair gets greasy super easily and typically I run away from those products because for me, any product that is oil-based makes my hair look like I took a swim in an oil refinery- even if I use the tiniest drop. However, I thought I would give it a shot! This product is AMAZING. I swear, I have the weirdest hair type ever. My hair looks extremely thin, dull, and frizzy. When you feel my hair, it feels so thick. It holds on to water like you wouldn't believe, and takes about 45 minutes to blow dry. No matter what I do, it stays frizzy. I hardly spend any money on hair products because they never ever work. The first thing I noticed was the packaging, the product doesn't come out too fast at all.  I love the cap, I'm not sure what it's called, but it just twists slightly to allow the product to open and then you just turn it slightly back to lock it. I thought the product would be really thick and sticky, but it's not at all. You don't have to scrub your hands to get the traces of oil away, it just seemed to melt into my hair completely. Something I found interesting was when it comes out, it looks just like egg yolk! Which may seem gross, but it doesn't smell or anything and it feels nice. You only need a tiny drop. After I blow dried my hair, I realized my hair was SO shiny and felt so amazing! AND NO FRIZZ! The only thing I disliked, is that it doesn't feel moisturizing when you put it in wet hair. I like my hair to feel silky immediately. But it was just fine, I just sprayed some of my leave-in conditioner.:)
I give this product FIVE STARS!!!!:)
Disclaimer: This product was sent to me by the company to review. All of the opinions expressed in this article was my true opinion, I was not told what to say.

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