Monday, April 11, 2011

Airbrush Makeup, foundation of choice.

So many years, time, and money have been wasted on stupid foundation that didn't work for my skin. It either didn't cover enough, or slid off my oily face in this Florida humidity the second I stepped out onto my front porch. I couldn't touch my face at all, or my makeup would be completely off. It was stupid. Not to mention my dirty foundation brushes! Yikes. Come one, I'm at 18 year old girl. I hate cleaning my room and my car, why would I want to spend a half hour cleaning my foundation brushes (which I swear hold an entire bottle of my foundation, at least it seems like it with how long they take to clean!). I'll admit- I was way too lazy to keep up with that. So that would lead to nasty bacteria-carrying brushes, and rub (irritate) the brush onto my blemishes, attempting desired coverage, which would be hopeless for me anyways.

Then, I got my Dinair Airbrush system. Life. Changing.

I have the cute hot pink one, I mix half Vanilla and half Olive Beige. Dinair foundation sets almost instantly, and even in this life-sucking Florida humidity, I don't even need powder to set it. The only time I ever set it with powder is if I have a long work day or if I know I'll be running around. I sit there and watch as my blemishes literally disappear from site.  My face has cleared up so much since getting my machine in December. It looks so natural. The makeup covers my dark circles. The application is so quick and easy. There's no harsh or gross scent. I don't have a complaint. I love it so much, it's my favorite of all of my cosmetics. I love watching my clients' faces when they see how flawless their face looks after I use it on them. It's just amazing in every single way.

Here's the (scary) before picture:

Here's the happy after picture: (excuse the window light hitting my forehead!)


  1. i just want to say thank you for posting this up. i get very irritated when i see tutorials and the girls have no blemishes or very little problem skin. good for them i know but what about us girls with acne? i have been researching for days and finally found your video and blog. i'm so excited to order it! i used to live in florida so i know the feeling of foundation slipping off your face. once again, thank you!

  2. you're very welcome!:) thank you for reading my blog, i'm glad you enjoy it!