Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Sally Girl swatches!

So today after class I went by Sally's Beauty Supply. They had a sale on the Sally Girl eyeshadows, buy five get one free. They're 99 cents, 94 cents at the Beauty Club price, so I thought since they were so cheap I may as well try them out. I grabbed Rose, Latte, Beige, Glow Green, Aqua, and Coral. I was extremely disappointed with Latte, it's yellow. It doesn't show up AT all. It wasn't even worth showing you the swatch. But then again, I was expected much out of them. Maybe Latte would look better applied wet? I'll try that and let you know. I was more than happy with Rose, Glow Green, and Coral. I had to kind of rub Aqua a couple of times, but it's a pretty color.:) And Beige would make a great color for the brow bone or inner corner of the eye.
Here's some pictures! (I apologize at how terrible these are, bare with me, this was my first time doing this. And by "this" I mean blogging and taking pictures of swatches.)
The picture is refusing to rotate, I'm new at this, I apologize. But here's what they look like. They come individually, but you can connect them. Kind of cool!

Glow Green! I absolutely love this green! I was so excited about this! The only good green I have is for the Urban Decay Alice in Wonderland book of shadows. And this one has glitter in it!

Rose! This is a beautiful pink. It could even work on the cheeks.:)

Beige! This would make a nice brow bone color or an inner eye corner color.:)

Aqua! Love this blue! It's worth the little bit harder you have to work for the pigment, although it would be fantastic if you didn't.

Coral! I don't think this would make a very good eyeshadow as much as it would a highlight color for the cheeks! It's so shimmery.:)

Disclaimer: None of the products in this blog were given to me by the company, I did this on my own time and by choice.:)

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