Friday, January 4, 2013

Makeup School vs Self-Taught!

Happy Friday beauties!

I uploaded a new video on my channel late last night, and I'm doing a little bloggy blog post to go along with it!

So obviously you do not have to go to school to be a successful makeup artist, I want to start by stating that. However, I will give you my background, and that is that I am a graduate of Joe Blasco Makeup Artist Training Center in Orlando, FL. I took the Masters 1 Program (16 weeks), which included 3 weeks of beauty, then special effects (old age, hairworks, bald cap application, injuries, blood making), then the last four weeks were prosthetics (lifecasting, sculpting, making negative and positive molds,running foam latex, applying and paint the prosthetic). I learned so many amazing things and although it was a SUPER stressful experience, it was very much worth it and I would do it over and over again if I had to (but thankfully I won't have to... i hope haha).

I met so many amazing people that all shared the same passions as me and I gained a few very good friends that I know are life long makeup sisters of mine.

There were many things that benefited me by going to a school instead of being self-taught, and that is the following:
- I came out of there ready and prepared in just a few months.
- Had a great school on my resume which I have been told has been the reason for hiring me for some jobs (not all though).
- Had a second pair of eyes to judge my work, and not only were they a second pair of eyes, but a very professional and experienced set of eyes.
- Many models to work on to make my portfolio have variety.
- Structured lesson plan that laid everything out and it all flowed nicely.
- Had access to industrial ovens and all of the necessary professional supplies.
- Met amazing professionals.
- Got so many tips and insight in such a small amount of time.
- Got drilled and a very "real-life" industry experience. Got my times down while still achieving a flawless look.


All of the above are things that you can achieve and accomplish as long as you have the DETERMINATION and SELF-DISCIPLINE to do so. NOTHING is impossible and there are SO many talented, amazing professional makeup artists that were self-taught. Money is a HUGE negative to schools as it is VERY pricey. PLEASE never EVERRRRRR think that you can't be a pro unless you go to school because you most certainly can. It just might take longer and more work put in, but it is very possible. That's what youtube is great for. ;) I was very fortunate to have the opportunity to go to school because it was convenient and fast (but also grueling, stressful, and crazy).

Whether you go to school or not, follow your dreams lovelies! You can accomplish ANYTHING. There are so many talented self-taught professional makeup artists out there and what's going to matter is your work and talent!
Love you guys! xoxo

LOL "kabuki makeup" a classmate did on me, goes perfect with my nsync shirt ;)
sexy, huh? ;)
when the beauty students were leaving us fx and prosthetics kids!
my zombie mermaid creation!:) for my monster construction project!
love them so much!
lol my bearded lady;)
working hard sculpting for my prosthetic!
my own creation turned on me :'( haha hope you enjoyed!

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