Saturday, September 24, 2011

Dinair Airbrush Cleaning and Maintenance

Hey beauties! Here's how to take apart your Dinair airbrush and give it a really good cleaning, and some tuning up! It may look hard, but I promise it's super easy and once you do it, it'll be easier and easier. The better you take care of your airbrush, the longer it will last and better it will perform!:)

Here's what you'll need:
- tweezers
- Dinair airbrush cleaner (for water-based makeup ex. Dinair Glamour)
- rubbing alcohol (only if you're cleaning out silicone-based makeup ex. Dinair Paramedical)
- q-tips
- tissue, paper towel, towel, or rag of some kind (to catch the stuff you spray out, and to wipe your hands)
- Dinair airbrush lubricant or petroleum jelly ex. vaseline
- Dinair airbrush cleaning caps (for overnight cleaning without the jar)
- Dinair docking jar or any cup or jar filled with water (for over-night cleaning without the caps)
- rubber band
- plate or tray (some surface to work over that could catch any little pieces that fall during maintenance

Some important things to remember:
- Don't put the lube or Vaseline into the airbrush, it will ruin the airbrush! ONLY put it on the parts I show in the video!
- Be very gentle with the needle tip!

Here's the video.:)

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