Wednesday, May 11, 2011

E.L.F. Eye Shadow Duos

There are so many eye shadows out there, and everyone automatically assumes that the more expensive, the better. That's definitely not always the case. I fully admit that I am soooo cheap. However, I'm also extremely picky about quality. E.L.F products have had a bad reputation in the past, but I am finding that they've truly improved their products, and a lot of them are fantastic and at SUCH a great price. I bought a few of the eye shadow duos recently, and I have found that I love them more than some of my inglot or urban decay shadows (which were my ultimate favorites).

They're $1 each. No, I didn't forget a zero. Just a dollar, for an amazing, pigmented, great amount of product.

I own three duos- Mocha Swirl, Butter Pecan, and Black Licorice.

Here's the swatches over an eye shadow base:

The first two are Butter Pecan, the middle two are Mocha Swirl, and the last two are Black Licorice.

Butter Pecan has a medium/dark brown and a beige. The brown is matte and the beige is a bit shimmery. They're wonderful for a quick neutral eye.

Mocha Swirl has a light pink with some gold in it (gorgeous!!!!) and a light brown. They're unique colors that could add a little pop of color, without getting too crazy.

Black Licorice has a silver and a dark black. Both have glitter. The black is AMAZING. The glitter is throughout the entire shadow, and I actually swatched it and compared it to my glittery black inglot color and the E.L.F black is definitely way more pigmented and wayyyy more glittery. You can't see it in the picture so much, but it's amazing.

All of these colors were swiped once with my brush before applying it on my hand. You get so much color. I like to keep the Black Licorice and the Butter Pecan in my little travel makeup bag, just in case I need a quick neutral or smokey eye.

These are amazing!<3 Go get them nowwww.:)

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